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spotremoverProfessional Strength Spot Remover

Removes most stubborn spots from colorfast carpets, upholstery, and auto interiors by using our powerful carbonating process to lift stains to the surface. It can be used as a pre-wash spotter for tough laundry stains. This product will remove most spots except for oil base stains, such as grease, tar and etc. We recommend using our oil base spotter in conjunction with our professional strength spotter for these spots.

oilgreaseremoverGrease And Oil Remover

Some stains are downright nasty; especially the ones that are grease or adhesive based. To fight them, we offer this powerful solvent spotter. It removes those stubborn spots you may be tempted to run away from. Purchase this product when buying the Professional Strength Spot Remover and receive our two product discount.

fabricprotectantFabric Protectant

This protector helps keep fabrics and upholstery looking their best.

It forms an invisible barrier against dirt and stains, because it is water repellent, allowing for easy clean up with a white cloth or towel.

carpetdeodorizerCarpet Deodorizer

Our deodorants keep your carpet smelling as good as it looks. It masks smoke, cooking, pet, and other offensive odors found in your home or vehicle. It even protects your carpets, and there are no gritty or abrasive powders to vacuum.

Available Fragrances: Wildflower and Apple Cinnamon (our best seller).

carpetdeodorizerWorld Famous Pet Odor Removal

Be prepared to instantly tackle any stains or messes left behind by your pet with Chem-Dry Pet Odor Removal. This formula is designed to lift fresh, minor pet odors and stains from your carpet. This is the perfect tool to utilize between Chem-Dry cleaning appointments. Large, older pet stains will require a specialized treatment application from your Chem-Dry professional.

This product meets the high standards for Green Certification by an independent testing lab.