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Carpet Protector


bubble_protectantChem-Dry Protector: Most carpets have a stain/soil protection product applied at the mill. However these protective coatings wear off and are cleaned off over the years and should be re-applied periodically to keep the protection level intact.

This enhances the carpets ability to resist soil and stains, makes the vacuuming easier, and the carpet cleans up better the next time you require our services. Without protector some stains may be permanent!

Never have your carpets cleaned without requesting protector!

It’s a cheap insurance against, spills, spots, and stains. We use our own protector called Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant which can be co-applied during the cleaning process. This puts the protector to the depth of the fiber for maximum protection! No other carpet cleaning company the ability to co-apply their protection. Chem-Dry Carpet Protector has been approved by most of the major carpet manufactures to use on their carpets.

Spills and accidents can happen to all of us, make sure they won’t be permanent. Always get your carpets protected with each cleaning.

Remember frequent cleaning is not a substitute for carpet protector!