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Ten Steps To A “Drier, Cleaner, Healthier Home.”

We offer several carpet cleaning in Arlington TX packages and options for your consideration. Our staff can assist you in making an informed decision based on your needs!

“Our Cleaning Solution Is Safe And Non-Tonic.”

Best Carpet Cleaning Arlington TXOur technician will make a pre-inspection of your carpets condition before the cleaning process begins. During this walk though, we will confirm the following. What rooms you want cleaned, what areas you are most concerned about, any pet problems, what furniture you would like moved, when was the last time that your carpets were cleaned and protected?

Our technician will help you determine which cleaning package will give you the best cleaning based on their condition. He will also explain what you can expect from our cleaning process and confirm the price before any work is started, “no hidden charges”. We guarantee the most through cleaning ever or it’s Free, when using our Healthy Home Premium and Stain Fighter Packages! What could be more fair?

step2Carpet is really a gigantic air filtration system. It traps the soils tracked in by humans and pets, as well as minute particles of dust, mold spores, small insects and other microscopic matter that circulate through the air.

As a result, 70% to 80% of the soil in carpet is comprised of particulate matter, such as dust, sand, carbon, human and animal hair, and flakes of skin. These soils are not dissolved by water or carpet cleaning solutions and are best removed through dry vacuuming. If dry soils are not removed prior to wet cleaning, they will hamper the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Therefore pre-vacuuming is an important step in the carpet cleaning process!

Vacuuming frequently between cleanings is also the best way to lengthen carpet life and maintain high levels of appearance.

step3After finding out what furniture you would like us to move, we can being the cleaning process you selected. We ask that you move any small items such as breakables, lamps, small furniture and etc.

This will speed up the process, save you money and insure no damage to any collectables, air looms and etc. Using furniture moving slider makes it easy and safe for one technician to move the furniture.

step4Pre-sprays emulsify the greasy and oily soils that adhere to your carpet fibers. These are the soils that vacuuming does not remove. Such soils are everywhere, but are more noticeable due to their concentration, in high traffic areas, such as just inside doorways, in hallways, in front of furniture and etc. These soils often are tracked in from asphalt, automotive oil in driveways and parking lots. In addition, many foods and beverages spills fall into that category.

To allow the pre-spray to do its job, it needs to be allowed to dwell on the carpet for three to five minutes to loosen and emulsify the soil. The process is similar to soaking dishes before washing them, in order for the food to loosen.

What about pet stains? 

stepsSome carpets are damaged severely from stains. In most cases these can be removed, but it depends on the color of carpet, how old the stains are and if the pet is taking any medication. We offer a special process for effective pet stain and odor removal called “PURT” (pet urine removal treatment). The technician can explain what’s involved and give you a price for this process.

step5Our best cleaning system. When using our hot carbonating extraction system we use a rotary jet extraction machine (the powerhead). This machine uses five vacuum slots and five spray jets, turning at 130 rpms a minute, that spray and vacuum simultaneously on the carpet producing a tremendous deep cleaning action. We use a hot carbonated cleaning solution using only 65 psi to clean your carpets compared to regular steam cleaning that uses 200 psi, which could saturate your carpets.

The powerhead also makes 650 cleaning passes per minute, compared to regular steam cleaning which makes only 20 to 40 passes per minute. Our cleaner is all natural with no soaps or detergents. The drying time for our system is two to three hours, leaving no dirt attracting residue. We offer a 100% guarantee when using our “Healthy Home Premium and Stain Fighter Packages”, using the powerhead! Regular steam cleaning takes six to eight hours to dry and sometimes even longer.

step6Most carpets have a stain/soil protection product applied at the mill. However these protective coatings wear off and are cleaned off over the years and should be re-applied periodically to keep the protection level in tack.
This enhances the carpet’s ability to resist soil and stains, makes the vacuuming easier, and the carpet cleans up better the next time you require our service.

Never have your carpets cleaned without requesting protector! It’s cheap insurance against spills, spots, and stains. We use our own protector which we can apply at the same time we are cleaning. This puts the protector to the depth of the fiber for maximum protection. Chem-Dry carpet protectant has been approved by all the major carpet manufactures to use on their carpets. This product can be co-applied during the cleaning process which forces it to the depth of the fiber for maximum protection, with no extended drying time. No other carpet cleaning company can co-apply their protection!

step7Most spots will come out during the cleaning process. However some stains will require special spotting techniques to remove them, such as red stains, ink, some pet stains, coffee, nail polish, wax, hair dye, paint, and some grease or tar spots.

Our trained technicians will advise you if some of the stains could not be removed and determine if they can be removed using our special spotting techniques. Some stains may be permanent, so we can not guarantee removal of all stains!

step8After the cleaning process we will put back any furniture we moved. We’ll use plastic tabs or blocks under the furniture, if required, to insure nothing transfers from the furniture to your carpet. At this time the customer and our technician complete a final walk through of the areas cleaned for the customer’s inspection and approval.

step9Sometime the application of a deodorizer or EPA Registered Carpet Sanitizer (Milgo) is necessary to get rid of malodors. For pet odors we have a special process called Purt. Our technician will discuss which application will work best in your situation.

step10The final step is to brush groom the carpets pile to enhance drying, to work deodorizer into the fibers, to make sure carpet dries standing up and remove any machine marks. This service is included with all cleaning packages!

Drying The Carpet: Normal drying time with either method is approximately one to two hours, depending on how soiled they are. Air movement will help: turning on your ceiling fans, air conditioner or heating system will greatly enhance the drying time.

Our technician will leave a pair of shoe covers (booties) to slip overyour shoes while walking on your carpets, to prevent any re-soiling, during the drying process.

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